Salesforce Spring ’17 Release

Our Productivity Enhancing Picks for your Sales Team   The latest Salesforce release (Spring ’17) is on the horizon. This release is going to contain many Lightning Experience usability enhancements. Users will be pleasantly surprised and companies on classic will be starting to take another look at their Lightning readiness.   We have been through the release notes and wanted [...]

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Salesforce TLS 1.0 Being Diasbled

Salesforce has recently communicated with customers regarding TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 being disabled on 4th March 2017. Our expert consultants have assessed the impact of this change and come up with our recommendations to avoid any disruption to your Salesforce environment. Key actions to be taken are: - Check your organisation is using a supported browser version. Click here to view the supported [...]

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Automatic Reschedule of Products using Visualflow

Reschedule Products - Introduction Our client provides payment gateway services and wins orders that have scheduled opportunity products over multiple years. When an opportunity line item is added to an opportunity, monthly scheduled item records are automatically generated starting from the close date of the opportunity. However,  the opportunity also contains a custom field ‘Revenue Start Date’ which should be [...]

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Conga & Salesforce: Automatic Invoicing

Conga & Salesforce: Automatic Invoicing   A really interesting requirement came to us from an existing client leveraging Salesforce to run their partner channel business - They wanted to create an automated self invoice for partners who had referred sales deals to them where the opportunities had been won.   After firmly attaching our consulting cap and doing some more [...]

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Online Accounting & Salesforce Calculate Gross Profit

We got an exciting request from one of our customers—they wanted to show the Gross Profit on a Salesforce Opportunity based on their online accounting data. What made this exciting is that the online account package doesn't offer traditional Job Costing, so the solution had to exceed the existing capabilities. The customer's goal was to put Purchase Orders and Bills [...]

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The Role of a Project Sponsor

The project sponsor makes sure that the project is aligned with the strategic goals of the organisation. The sponsor shapes and approves the project brief which sets the direction for the project, defining what should be accomplished, how much risk the organisation is willing to tolerate, and what limitation will be placed on the project (deadline, staff effort limit, spending [...]

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How to Get Sales to Adopt CRM

Some sales people have a natural adversity to using and benefiting from their CRM system. We have many requests to train sales teams so that they will fully adopt their CRM system. We discuss the reasons for poor sales adoption, the benefits that a good CRM system can deliver to Sales and outline a training programme to get Sales to [...]

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