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In the recent Spring 2019 Salesforce release notes a critical update was announced which will affect many Salesforce Orgs. Starting in the Winter 2020 updates (October 2019) Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience for all orgs with editions that support Lightning Experience. Our customers have been asking questions regarding this update so we thought it might be useful to provide you with and [...]

Our favourite features from Salesforce Winter '19

The latest Salesforce release, winter 19, is just round the corner. As always there are loads of great new features, so we asked one of our consultants, Danny Ross, to chose his favourite features. Here's what Danny picked out: Change Owner Before, if I wanted to change a record owner, I would need to do them one by one, or [...]

A pick of features from Salesforce Summer 18

You may have noticed your org has recently updated to the latest Salesforce release - Summer '18, if not, it will very soon. You will now see the bear taking a swim! With pages of release notes we asked our consultants for a quick guide of useful features from this new release. 6 of the best are outlined here:   [...]

Salesforce Spring '18 Feature Update

  It’s nearly Spring and Salesforce Spring ’18 release is being rolled out to all organisations. At Xenogenix we have been using and testing the new features for a while now and have noted a few additional features we feel are worth noting!   Einstein Opportunity Scoring Prioritize your way to more business with Opportunity scoring. Opportunity scores are based [...]

Salesforce Spring '18 GDPR Preview

  As we mentioned in our last post, Salesforce Spring '18 is soon to be released. As we are getting ever closer to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), coming into effect in Europe, there are some key features to help organisation become compliant:   Store Certain Data Privacy Preferences Data privacy records, based on the Individual object, let you [...]

Salesforce Spring '18 Release Preview

The 55th Salesforce release, Spring '18 is soon to be launched and a host of great new features across the Salesforce platform will soon be available for users. The release includes exciting enhancements to the Lightning Platform and innovative breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), among other features. Here are our favourites:   Show Your True Colours with Themes in Lightning [...]

Salesforce Winter '18 Release

The latest Salesforce release, Winter ‘18 has landed and a host of great new features across the Salesforce platform are now available to users. Among many changes to the user interface there are also other features our consultants are happy to see included in this latest release. Here are our favourites:   A New Look and Feel for Lightning Experience [...]